Coach Sara

IMG 2792Sara is the co-owner of Airborne Gymnastics Academy. She trained as a competitive gymnast for 12 years with Champion Gymnastics in Louisville, KY. She transitioned smoothly to coaching there as well. She has previously coached in Murray, KY for 3 years as well. Coach Sara strives to get the best out of her athletes. She believes every gymnast has the ability to complete their skills with the right motivation, encouragement and proper skill development. Coach Sara loves seeing the excitement on her gymnasts’ faces after mastering a new skill and loves the sport because it is always rewarding and challenging. Sara is a USAG member and is USAG safety certified. Sara is excited to bring the sport of gymnastics to a new community and share her love of gymnastics with many new families. Sara coaches Team AGA personally. But, her coaching is not limited to that. She works with all levels of the recreational gymanstics program and many of the tumbling programs as well.


IMG 2799Alaina is the co-owner and office manager of Airborne Gymnastics Academy. She has been with us since just about the beginning. She graduated from Murray State University in December 2013. Alaina coached at Airborne for more than 3 years before transitioning to Office Manager. On January 1, 2018, Alaina took on a new role as co-owner. She has one daughter, Eliza Grace, who can be found running around the gym daily. Alaina is a USAG professional member and USAG Safety Certified.


IMG 1891Eliza Grace is Airborne's official gym rat. She can be found at the gym on a daily basis. Her favorite activities at the gym are jumping on the trampolines, walking on the beams and crawling around in the pit. 

Coach Emilee

IMG 2787Emily teaches some of our preschool classes at Airborne.