This class is reserved for our very advanced preschool gymnasts.

In this class our main focus is technique. They will be introduced to some larger sized equipment and harder gymnastics skills. Children may stay in this class for several sessions or most of the year depending on timing. When to move into a Recreational Gymnastics class is often unclear, but, when that time comes, a Green Owls class is usually the best choice. As some children reach first grade, starting to think about the competition team may be appropriate.

**This is an invitation only class**

Age Group: 4 – 5 year olds
Class Length: 1 hour, twice a week
Cost: $140 per 8 week session

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Skills taught in this class include:

    Master vault approach
    Running control
    Stretch jump to block with spring board
    Handstand fall to flatback
    Pullover without instructor
    Cast, backhip circle with  instructor
    Intro to falling safely
    Intro to mill circle drills
    Level 3 dismount
Balance Beam
    Forward & backward kicks with straight legs
    Pivot turns & lever touches
    Stretch, split & tuck jumps
    Handstands with instructor
    Intro to Level 3 push-mount
    Bridge kickovers
    Handstands with wall support
    Cartwheels with straight legs
    Straight arm backward rolls
    Stretch, split, straddle & tuck jumps
    Intro to round-off & leaps