Blue Jays

IMG 1478In this class, we want to promote some independence, but ask that parents still be in the room to help the children stay on task. They begin to explore more activity and more gymnastics. All equipment they will use is made just for their size!

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Due to Covid-19 we are not offering this class at this time.

Age Group: 3 year olds
Class Length: 45 minutes once a week
Cost: $45 per 4 week session

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Skills taught in this class include:

    Introduction to hurdle
    Stretch jump to block
    Donkey kicks
Balance Beam
    Forward walking
    Sideways walking
    Walking kicks forward
    Stretch jumps
    Introduction to pivot turns
    Forward rolls
    Backward rolls
    Handstands with instructor
    Cartwheels with instructor
    Stretch, tuck & straddle jumps
    ABC chin holds
    ABC L-hold
   Intro to casting