Green Eagles

This is a super class for children who have a little more gymnastics experience.  They will continue to use junior sized equipment, but we’re turning up the difficulty of skill.

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Tuesday 4:00-4:55
Tuesday 5:00-5:55
Thursday 4:00-4:55
Thursday 5:00-5:55

Age Group: 4 – 5 year olds
Class Length: 55 minutes once a week
Cost: $50 per 4 week session


Skills taught in this class include:

    Hurdle onto spring board
    Introduction to arm circle
    Stretch jump to block with spring board
    Handstand fall to flatback with instructor
    Pullover with instructor
    5 casts in a row
    Intro to backhip circle
    Intro to squat-on dismount
Balance Beam
    Backwards walking
        Walking kicks -forward & backward
    Forward relevè walks
    Arabesque hold
    Stretch & tuck jumps
    Pivot turns
    Introduction to high beam and mount
    Bridge kickover with instructor
    Handstands with wall support
    Intro to handstand forward rolls