Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational Gymnastics is a concentrated exposure to artistic gymnastics.

Students will learn all 4 of the events - vault, uneven bars, floor exercise and balance beam. They will gain experience with increasingly difficult techniques. Special attention is given to proper body control and to improved flexibility and instruction resize

Classes are one (1) hour in length and are appropriate for children age 6 and older. Class placement through evaluation is a must. Adults are welcomed to participate as well. In fact, there is a special adult class that will help you regain that flexibility that you once had.

As children progress through the different courses, skills become progressively more difficult but also more polished. Recreational Gymnastics is a great way to see if your child has the interest and desire to ultimately compete in USAG sanctioned events.

Recreational Gymnastics classes are divided by ability:
Purple Ravens
Green Owls
Black Hawks