Artistic Gymnastics Team

The competitive Artistic Gymnastics team is made up of a dedicated group of girls that have caught the fever of gymnastics.

These are athletes that spend many hours in the gym each week learningclaire smiling new skills and conditioning their bodies. Strength, agility, grace and self-confidence are the by-products of this program!

Team AGA consists of levels 2-8. Levels are determined by USA Gymnastics (USAG) standards. To move to the next level, an athlete must score better than 32 points in a USAG Sanctioned meet. Athletes may begin USAG competition at age 6.

handstand on beamPre-team and Peewees are for athletes 3+ years old who may not be ready for full competition yet. They will practice 2 days a week. Pre-Team practices 3 hours a week while Peewees practice 2 hours.

Level 2 gymnasts will begin competition. They will compete in 4 meets. Level 3-8 will participate in 7 meets during the year. There are a number of factors that will determine where an athlete enters the competitive program. Level 2 gymnasts practice twice a week for 3 hours a session. Level 3 gymnasts will practice 3 days a week for 3 hours each session. Level 4+ practice 3 days a week for 4 hours.

Level 5 and above really begin to hit it hard. They have usually been look ma no handscompeting for a year or two and know the ropes. Routines are becoming harder. Gym time is longer.

Team AGA requires special dedication and committment from not only the athlete but also the family. However, there is seldom a gymnast that looks back on their career wishing they had never started gymnastics!!

We welcome inquiries about Team AGA but membership is by invitation only.