Info for Parents

Here you will find info on our general policies and procedures. Please review prior to beginning class.


Our main form of communication is via e-mail. In order for our student athletes and parents to be informed...we MUST have an active email address. If you do not check the email address for which you have provided us, you may miss out on important information (closing due to weather, session sign-up, etc).


  • Payments are due at the time of enrollment. These can be made in person or through the link provided on your invoice that you are e-mailed.
  • Yearly Registration: We collect registration fees the first session of school year (typically August). This fee will be prorated twice during the year, for students that enroll later in the school year. This is a YEARLY fee.
  • There are no refunds for classes not attended. As stated previously, we will schedule make up classes as enrollment allows...within 2 weeks of the missed class.

Click here to see our fees.


We have a few weeks of scheduled closures each year. These closures include (but are not limited to):

  • Henry County Spring Break
  • One week in the summer
  • 4th of July day (make up class offered)
  • The week of Thanksgiving
  • One week at Christmas/New Years Holiday
  • Labor Day (make up class offered)
  • Memorial Day (make up class offered)

We plan our sessions with these closures in mind.
We are not closed most other holidays. Please check our schedule if there is any question.


We want this to be an enjoyable and safe activity for everyone concerned. Our goal is to provide your gymnast with a place where he or she can learn not only gymnastic skills but skills that will help with life. We appreciate your trust and willingness to allow us to work with your child. This is not a responsibility that we take lightly. Please take note of the following rules to help insure these goals.

  • No flash photography. Videography or photography without flash is perfectly acceptable.
  • Family members are not allowed in the gymnastics area unless directly participating in a class.
  • Please maintain control of any siblings or friends you have brought with you to the gym. Children should not be allowed to roam the building unattended at any time. It is the parent's responsibility to maintain control of any siblings or friends.
  • There is no tumbling or running allowed in any part of the building except the gymnastics area.
  • For younger children, if a bathroom break is needed, you will be asked to escort your child to and from the restroom.
  • Encouragement for your gymnast from the stands is appropriate.
  • Coaching from the stands is NOT appropriate and can be a safety issue. Please, DO NOT attempt to coach from the stands.
  • If you need to speak with a coach, please arrange a time outside of class to do so. Many times personnel will be preparing another class to follow and will need to move on to that class.
  • It is our goal for children to remain enrolled in their classes on an ongoing basis. The benefits (emotional as well as physical) of being enrolled in gymnastics are realized over a period of time - not just for a month here and there.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Please review, on an ongoing basis, Airborne's calendar. This is subject to change. Please check often.
  • All tuition is based on the instruction periods as listed on the calendar. Please ask if you have any questions. Tuition fees reserve a space in a class for your child for that session. You are not paying for 8 classes (8-week session) that can be used at your discretion, but rather reserving a place in a given class.
  • Make-Up classes can be arranged, as space allows. Please schedule make up class within two weeks of missed class. NO REFUNDS FOR CLASSES NOT ATTENDED.
  • Airborne reserves the right to change prices, days and times of classes at anytime.
  • Airborne reserves the right to cancel a student's and/or family membership at anytime.

Be Ready for Class

  • Please try to be on time to class. It is very important for each child to receive a proper warm-up to help avoid injury.
  • Students must wear proper gymnastics attire. (girls -- for gymanstics - leotards; for tumbling - shorts and T-shirts; boys -- shorts and T-shirts tucked in)
  • No jewelry, belts, buckles, zippers, footed tights, socks or jeans will be permitted in class for safety reasons.
  • Long hair must be neatly tied back before class begins for safety reasons.
  • CHILDREN IN THE WAITING AREA, STANDS or BUILDING MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. Pleaes do not allow your children to roam freely.
  • Please refrain from coaching or distracting from the sidelines. Gymnasts (even the youngest age) need to stay focused on the skills they are doing & not distracted for their safety. Attention must be directed to the coach only.
  • Valuable items should not be brought to the gym. Airborne will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.