Two From AGA Lead at Kellogg's

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Two athletes from Airborne Gymnastics Academy, LLC were involved with the Kellogg's Tour of Champions in Memphis, TN.

Taylor Beth (Team AGA Level 5) and Bailey (Team AGA Level 7) participated in the opeing ceremonies of the Kellogg's Tour of Champions when it came to Memphis, TN. The two athletes were selected as part of the opening ceremonies that involved local gymnastis. The were also selected from all those participating to lead the performance for all of the athletes.

They were required to learn a routine from a video that was sent to Coach Sara. On the day of the show, they were required to rehearse with the show troup well before showtime. During this time, the two were chosen as the most proficient in the group and were put out in front. During the actual show the pair lead the rest of the group standing alone on each side of the arena performing in front of thousands!


Both girls agreed that it was an amazing experience and has made for a once in a lifetime memory.

This was a great accomplishment for these two girls. Airborne is proud of their hard work and preparation.