New Equipment

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There are changes at the gym!

 Airborne is getting some new stuff!

Airborne is in the process of putting in a rod floor. The finished floor will be about 65 feet long and provide yet another way for athletes to train and possibily even compete.

You will notice a new flooring section running between the spring floor and the pit. This floor is made of steel frames 6 ft wide and 4 ft long. Each 4 ft section contains 16 fiberglass dowels. The entire floor is then covered with 2 layers of foam and carpet.

In competition, the rod floor is used for "Power Tumbling" which is one of 3 events in Trampoline and Tumbling.

Also, in the near future, a competition grade trampoline will be added as well.

To accommodate these additions, several of the existing pieces of equipment will be moved. The Uneven Parallel Bars will be rotated. The 30 ft Tumbl Trak will also rotate as well. This will free up a good deal of space and allow the trampoline and its associated matting to be installed between the Tumbl Trak and the uneven bars.